Four Wheel Passenger Trucks (price per pair)

Regular price $ 1,820.00

4 wheel passenger car trucks – available in long - 14” or short - 10” wheel base

 FEATURING: (per pair)

  • 16 service-free automotive quality sealed needle bearings (4 per axle)
  • Primed and painted surfaces (semi-gloss black)
  • Investment cast steel journal boxes and pedestals
  • Heavy duty laser cut and welded steel frame and bolster
  • Swing motion bolsters for great tracking
  • Simulated leaf spring for realist look and low maintenance
  • 4 different coil spring weights
  • 4 count coil springs at each sideframe (for long wheel base)
  • 2 count coil springs at each sideframe (for short wheel base)
  • Axles contoured and black-oxide treated for a realistic look
  • Standard 4-3/8” cast wheels
  • Optional contoured steel wheels
  • Optional grease fittings
  • Optional air brakes