About Us


Tom and Marcel have been friends in the Live Steam Hobby for more than 30 years.  We have been working on projects together, developing robust products, and most of all helping fellow live steamers to enjoy the hobby together with safe, reliable, and fun Live Steam supplies.  We are excited to introduce our partnership and look forward to meeting you in person sometime soon.  Let us know how we can help you!

We started way back making Live Steam parts for our own use and over the years were asked to offer them to others in the hobby. So that is just what we have done. Tom has been selling Live Steam parts for 30 years and due to many requests we have added the Tom Bee Online store.  We are happy to take orders online for your convenience.  Of course, we can always take a phone order or an order in person.  Give us a call (216) 486-0900 or send us an email tombeeonline@gmail.com.

We are both located in the mid-west. Tom is in Michigan just North of Detroit, and Marcel is in Ohio on the East side of Cleveland.  Tom is a member of the Great Lakes Live Steamers and Marcel is member Lake Shore Live Steamers.

Come to visit the Blueberry Railroad in Geneva, Ohio where we you can see all the Tom Bee products in action!

We also visit many tracks throughout the year.  Follow our Blog to see where we will be next!  We now have the capability to take credit card payments on the website, over the phone, and in person.