Semi-Finished Trucks

You can purchase any of Tom Bee's trucks "Semi-Finished" if you have the ability and desire to do some of the work yourself. You also save some of the cost.

The parts that are done are the wheels. What needs to be finished are the bolsters, requiring a milling machine and skill to operate it. Also the axles need to be finished requiring a lathe and skill to operate it. The axles also need to be heat treated on the ends for the bearings to ride on, requiring a torch and a gallon of oil.

RTR - Ready to Roll Trucks

Includes bolsters, sideframes, wheels, axles, bearings, springs and spring planks -- all completely machined, finished, and assembled. They are ready to bolt onto a freight car and are literally "Ready-to-Roll".

RTR - Ready to Roll Freight Cars

This includes the main car body, the trucks, and the couplers. Detail parts such as steps, grabirons, ladders, and brakewheels are NOT included. These can be purchased from Precision Steel Car Co.

Ribs are also not included, but cars can be ordered with ribs or ribs can be purchased from Tom Bee and installed by the customer. Call or E-mail for rib kit pricing.